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Email: jfi@rapidloans.com; robin@jonesfinance.com; mrj@jonesfinance.com

Hours: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm CST (Open some Saturdays from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm CST)

It goes without saying that Mr. Jones and Robin are two of the most caring and hardworking people that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. They provide a very convenient and pain free process when you need a loan. I would recommend anyone that I know use their services. ~ Jason R.

Jones Finance/Rapid Loans has been a steadfast advocate to soldiers and retirees. I have been an avid customer for over 8 years and I have never experienced a more professional loan company in regards to honesty and the financial needs of our troops. ~ Gerald A.

Jones Finance has helped me out of financial binds several times throughout my career. Their service is great, fast, and convenient when I needed a small loan. Their interest rates are reasonable for short term loans. I appreciate all their help for me over the past 15 years. ~ Gregory W.

I just want to say that Jones Finance has BY FAR been the best experience a Soldier could ask for. Always on the spot when I need a little pick me up cash. I would recommend Jones Finance to all members of the Military for their fast and reliable service. Thank you Jones Finance! ~ Stephen B.

Hello, I am an SSG with the US Army and wanted to tell whom this may concern that Jones has been there for me when things were looking bleak. Jones Finance is one of the best lending providers that I know. Any time that I need help with any financial matters I can depend on them to go out of their way to help.  I just wanted to say thanks Jones for being there for me. ~ Garth W.

Thank you Jones Finance. You helped me when no one else would. I definitely recommend. 5 out of 5 rating. Helpful and very respectful towards military. ~ Kegan K.

I have been doing business with Jones Finance since 2006 and I am very pleased with the service and professionalism that they have shown me. I am not treated as just another account holder but as an individual and they have never once looked down on me, belittled me because of my situations and most of all they have never tried to take me for a ride for the loan. I can remember the first time I walked in and Mr. Jones called me into his office and talked to me and actually gave me advice on how to save money and how to make your money last. He told me that he understands that we all fall on hard times and he would never take advantage of that. Because he too has been there. Anytime that I would call, Mrs. Robin would always be pleasant and willing to go out of her way to explain anything to you that you asked of her. I will always recommend Jones Finance to others because you will always be treated fair.  ~ Valdez M.

This is one of the most reputable finance companies, Robin & Mr. Jones are very professional and the loan process is fast and easy. Jones's. Finance has helped me when I have needed financing and couldn't get a loan elsewhere. If you are ever in need of a loan I highly recommend you apply here. Thank you again Jones's Finance for all your help...  ~ Jennifer B.

I wanted to write a message of appreciation for the nearly twenty years of support provided by Mr. Jones and Robin from Jones Finance. I received my first loan when I was a private in the Army stationed at Fort Rucker, AL. I have received loans, paid them off and re-loaned since 1995. I remember the first time I met Mr. Jones, he brought me into his office, carried a discussion to become acquainted, talked about his faithful service to the nation in the Army, and what it meant to climb the ranks and taking care of Soldiers. He has maintained an interest in my career achievements. His team has always been the first card that I receive every year during the holidays, and lets us know that we are not just customers, but family. Mr. Jones, and Robin, as my career in the military comes to a close, thank you for always being a support mechanism, built on pure care, honesty, and of course "Helping Hand To The Little Guy." ~ Michael B. 

I appreciate a company like this being around! I don't have the best of credit but this company is a lifesaver for me when I need a small loan. I'm happy that Jones Finance is in business and can help servicemembers like myself when we're in need. I don't feel taken advantage of at all. They DO NOT operate anything like payday loans! Thanks Jones Finance for all the help you've given me when I've needed it! ~ Murphy M.


I would like to thank Jones Finance. Mr. Jones & Robin have been a blessing beyond measure. They have provided fast, polite and professional customer service. Time and time again I have been provided with same day funding, which was much needed. Thank you both for wonderful, fast and friendly service. I recommend doing business with Jones Finance for your financial needs. They will exceed your expectations. ~ N.B.

We had a few loans through Jones Finance over the past several years. Not only did we receive great service by the office, but our needs were taken care of. We were able to help our son get his first car, our daughter get her first car and various other things. We always enjoyed the experience we had with Jones Finance. From obtaining the loan to paying back the loan, the process was simple and everyone was friendly and always happy to assist us. We appreciate the business relationship we have had with Jones Finance! ~ Jeff W.

I needed some assistance with a move that I had coming up. I've had credit issues in the past and was trying to figure out how I could get a loan to finish with the move. I went on-line and found this company, RapidLoans.com.  I called and spoke to this really nice lady, Robin, who walked me through the process and told me what they needed from me. The process wasn't at all difficult (she probably thought I was a little slow when it came to the allotment process, but she walked me through it - thank you, Robin). I tell you if you need funds, these are your people. You guys are a Godsend!! Thanks so much!! ~ Lucinda L.

I would love to thank Robin and Mr. Jones for a wonderful job of helping people like me, who wasn't able to get a loan anywhere else, but they came through for me and my family.  They are the greatest people ever.  I thank God for people and places like them.  Robin and Mr. Jones please keep up the great work.  I highly recommend Jones Finance, Inc. to any and every one!!!! Five star service for sure:) ~ Pia B.

I would like to thank Robin & Mr. Jones, for all they have done to help my family and I get through some real hard times. As a disabled veteran, I've had to miss a lot of work. Because of your service I was able to pay my bills, recover without loosing my home. and get back to work. Thank you for caring. I have never dealt with a financial company that could mix business and compassion. THANK YOU !! ~ Arlene A.

I wanna thank Mr. Jones and Robin for their services. They helped me out when no one else would give me a loan. They where very fast, friendly and courteous when approving my loan. I highly recommend their services. Thanks. ~ Willie W.

We want to thank you Mr. Jones and Robin for being so fantastic. We have struggled to get help in the past due to a Bankruptcy...and you guys got us approved and we appreciate everything truly. Anyone looking at this, we are first time customers and we will continue to tell others about you. This is not a scam anyone who is a government employee if you need some extra money for any reason these are the people!!!! They are fantastic people! Thank you again! ~ Heather n Wayne S.

We would like to take this time to Thank Jones Finance, Mr. Jones & Robin have been absolutely wonderful in providing us much needed money at very difficult times, we've used them for several years and have always had the best service and fast service anyone could ask for. Never have we had any issue, no questions asked. Our family has depended on them and they've always come through. Thank you both for wonderful, fast and friendly service. We appreciate you both. ~Timothy and Jennie R.

I AM "the little guy"! Mr. Jones means it when he says he gives a helping hand. I'm always greeted warmly, treated like an old friend, and whenever I need that helping hand, it's there like a steady buoy in a stormy sea. I'm a customer for life! ~ Jacqui O.

The Motto says it all....always ready to help the little guy!!! An Amazing company to work with! I met Mr. Jones in 1992 and all he had was a modest office with a small desk, but a good man sat behind that desk and helped me when I needed it, and to this very day is still helping me. I have nothing but good things to say about this company, so good to know that there are still honest and compassionate, and understanding people like this that are making such a difference in peoples lives. May God bless and keep them always!!  ~ Brian M.

Jones Finance has been a life saver for me. It is a "marvelous" finance company. Mr. Jones and Robbin are about handling business with customers in need but with such a caring and understanding attitude. Their motto of "Helping Hand to the Little Guy" is so perfect for Jones Finance, Inc. Thank You So Much for being there for me. May God Continue to Bless You All.  ~ Mable P. 

I have been a customer for about 10 years or so. The care and concern that Mr. Jones and his staff have for their customers is amazing. It really means a lot to get help and assistance from a company that not only does everything they can to help you, but they truly care about you. I personally feel like family whenever I am in contact with Mr. Jones and Robin. I am truly a proud to be a customer for life.
Thank You Jones Finance. ~ Samuel G.

I have been dealing with Jones Finance for about 20 yrs now. Chuck and Robin are terrific people who do everything in their power to help me whenever and wherever I happen to be. They have also helped several members of my family through the years and like myself, they too think that Chuck and Robin are great people. Chuck and Robin have become family to me over the years. So please, if you are ever in need of help and you need someone who is honest and trust worthy, give them a call. I promise you it will be the best decision you can make. ~ Lori B.

Wow, this has got to be the best loan company I have dealt with in over 30 years, Jones Finance, INC. Mr. Jones/Robin are the LOAN MASTERS of the DECADE. Truly Professionals at all time, and I can always count on them, and have not once of applying for a loan have they ever turned me down. I recommend all my Military Retirees/Civilian government workers if you are in need of a Speedy Loan, please contact Jones Finance, Inc. GOD BLESS JONES FINANCE Mr. Jones/Robin, and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN 2014, I'M TRULY BLESSED I FOUND YOU 8 YEARS AGO. THANKS. ~ Victor B.

I would like to leave testimonial regarding the service and support that I have received from this company. They are reliable, kind and very supportive when in need. You can always count on them when you need a little extra money to get you by.  I always told Robin and Mr. Jones that if they are ever in New York to come and visit so I can show them the town. They are very warm and pleasant to talk to and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you.  ~ Dana B.

Mr. Jones and Robin are the most wonderful people! We have done business with them for many years now and every time is a pleasure! They are fast, efficient and excellent at helping when times are hard or when things come up! I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you Mr. Jones and Robin for all you do to help everyone!!! You are truly appreciated more than you will ever know! ~Al and Julie A.

I have been dealing with Mr. Jones and Robin for over 15 years they are the best people I have ever had to deal with. They have helped me whenever I needed them. I Know I drive them crazy every few months wanting to know how much money I can get, but they never say anything but here is what you can get. They have been a Blessing for me. When I need money I get it fast considering I live in Pennsylvania. They have helped me when no one else would. I hope someday I could meet them, even though I feel like I know them. God Bless people like Mr. Jones and Robin.  ~ Robert D.

Jones Finance has been a lifesaver for me and my family. I really  appreciate the friendly and fast service they provide each time I call on them. Thank you, for taking care of me with excellent customer
service.  ~ Jane J.